Storing circular saw and garden tools in a garden shed

The days of using a handsaw to cut wood and a standard screwdriver for inserting screws is almost behind you. These days everyone appears bound to purchase the latest electrical or battery-powered tool, which all need housing in a secure storage shed, because their value is so high.

Even if you have a tendency to look for cheap sheds with a view to housing your power and garden tools inside, you must make sure that the frame and doors are extremely sturdy and can deter, preferably with an extremely large lock or two, any would-be thief.

Storing your circular saw

When you bought your cordless circular saw, it certainly wasn’t a five pound special at your local supermarket. They are expensive tools, but an essential purchase if you work with woodworking regularly.

Circular saws are a heavy-duty tool, which are very quick and very accurate at cutting straight across most types of wood, taking seconds against several minutes and sore hands with an old-style handsaw.

You can fit a range of different blades that will enable you to cut through bricks and concrete blocks even if you only originally bought the circular saw to cut wood.

Using a cordless circular saw gives you the opportunity to move to locations around your house and in your garden to where the work is, rather than bringing the wood to an outside area where you have an electricity supply.

Don’t forget your other garden tools

wheelbarrowApart from your cordless circular saw, you will no doubt be storing everything from your lawnmower and wheelbarrow to hand tools in your storage shed. When you add your range of amazing screwdrivers, power drills and other equipment, it’s no wonder that burglars find storage sheds such nice places to delve into.

You might regret the purchase of a cheap shed because a burglar might be able to kick their way easily through thin panels and have access to all of your goods. Paying just a little more will provide you with a good quality storage shed so you can be sure that your garden tool storage is protected to the best of your ability. Your insurance company will be happier with you if you have a good quality storage shed and might refuse to pay out on a claim if your cheap shed was falling apart and allowed a burglar easy access.

You are going to need to provide very good quality padlocks to try and deter burglars from entering your property. The more effort a burglar has to go to gain access to your storage shed, the less likely they are to carry out their operation. They want to be in and disappear in as quickly as possible. Being able to break into a garden tool storage shed quietly, through thin walls means they are less likely to be disturbed. They will have to make a lot more noise the break into a good quality storage shed and this may alert you or your neighbours to the burglary in development.